Since it began, Manar al-Athar has received grants from the following foundations and institutions for specific tasks. It has also received funding from private individuals. Without the support of these institutions and individuals, the work of Manar al-Athar would not be possible.

Initial development of this website was a pilot project attached to the larger project at the University of Oxford, Late Antique Egypt and the Holy Land: Archaeology, History, and Religious Change, funded by a Leverhulme Trust Research Project Grant. The Oxford University Press (OUP) John Fell Research Fund is supporting further IT development and provision of images. We also received grants from: the Wainwright Fund (Oxford) towards digitizing Judith McKenzie’s black and white negatives of the monuments of Petra and editing photographs of sites in Lebanon; the Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research to edit and label Sean Leatherbury’s photographs of Late Antique mosaics and for Miranda Williams to do those of Armenia; We have a British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant to scan Judith McKenzie’s black and white negatives of the architecture of Alexandria, Egypt and related sites; and the Meyers Fund of the Craven Committee (Oxford) to edit and label some sites in the Holy Land. Some support is also provided by the Classics Faculty and as part of the ERC (European Research Council) Advanced Grant held by Judith McKenzie for the project “Monumental Art of the Late Antique Christian and Early Islamic East: Cultural Identities and Classical Heritage” at the University of Oxford.

The Provost’s Research Fund of the City University of New York provided support for Deputy Director Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis to work on the project. The Semitic Museum of Harvard University is providing support in kind. Earlier fieldwork, etc. by Judith McKenzie presented here was supported by the British Academy, the British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem (now the Kenyon Institute, East Jerusalem) and the British Institute in Amman (both now Council for British Research in the Levant), the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Trust, the Palestine Exploration Fund, and the Craven Committee of the University of Oxford. The research by Andres Reyes is supported by the Dillon Fund of Groton School. Fieldwork by Mohamed Kenawi was supported by the Barakat Trust. The Macaulay Family Foundation has provided subvention funds for the publication of the Garima Gospels.

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The Oxford Centre for Byzantine Research

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