Alexandria’s Hinterland

Alexandria’s Hinterland: Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta, Egypt 

by Mohamed Kenawi

The Friends of Manar al-Athar has made its first donation. The Friends, along with the  Oxford University Centre for Byzantine Research, has supported the cost of the color images in Archaeology of the Western Nile Delta, Egypt by Dr. Mohamed Kenawi, Centre of Hellenistic Studies, Bibliotheca Alexandrina, University of Alexandria and the Egypt Co-ordinator of Manar al-Athar.


The Egyptologist, Dr Penelope Wilson of Durham University writes, “This volume contains detailed information about 63 sites and shows, amongst other things, that the viticulture of the western delta was significant in Ptolemaic and Roman periods, as well as a network of interlocking sites, which connected with the rest of Egypt, Alexandria, North Africa and the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean. Far from being a border area — as perhaps it had been in the Pharaonic period — the west Delta network exerted an important economic production influence over a very wide area. In addition, with access to medieval and later Arabic sources, Kenawi’s discussion of the sites has an added dimension not found in the work of western scholars. Mohamed Kenawi’s meticulous and determined work has resulted in an improved set of data for the Delta and shown how its potential can be tapped.”

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